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Have you ever been caught in an emotional trap;

and can't find a way out?


Is there someone in your life, past or present, that has wronged you, even wounded you and you want revenge against them?


What about the memories from those wounds? Do they keep on coming back regardless of how deep you think you have buried them in your mind? Do they come back at the strangest times triggered by normal everyday happenings?


If the only way you can deal with the above questions is to be in complete control

then the only answer is to forgive.


Un-forgiveness can be a hard emotional obstacle for us to overcome. We tend to harbor our anger, letting it fester into a sore that can and often does infect every area of our lives. We let un-forgiveness steal our joy until happiness is just another stranger to us. For anyone who struggles to learn forgiveness, we offer you an amazing story about letting go of hurt and finally coming to the point of forgiving the unthinkable.


Joseph Padgal’s Firedance is a touching story

about abuse, forgiveness and the relational love of God.

By sharing the journey of a man coming to terms

with a devastating discovery,

you can start your own path towards forgiveness.


In this journey you’ll learn to embrace peace, hope and joy. Forgiveness is indeed, a conscience action. It is one not easily mastered; but once you learn to forgive you’ll find the freedom to live your life to the fullest. Firedance can start you on your way. is the brave, powerful first step to healing past hurts.

This book gives hope for the hurting to be set free. 

Mary J., Portage, Michigan


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