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In The Silence Of The Snow

In the silence of the snow, life waits like a quiet whisper underneath a pure white blanket of white. Its growth quieted until the soft warmth of spring wakes it up, massages it and coaxes it into reaching for the suns light.

Just like this solitary tree standing by itself, we as individuals often find ourselves isolated and stagnant, barren and frozen in one or more areas of our lives, unable to produce fruit and pondering our purpose.

The good news is that God has a purpose for us all. It may be hidden from our senses, yet it is still there. Like this tree waiting for spring, we have to learn to wait on God. He doesn't move on our schedule according to what we want and how fast we want it. He moves on his. Take a lesson from this tree standing silent and still, awaiting the promise of spring and the new life it brings. This tree along with everything else in God's creation has life and the perfect timing of growth already programmed into it. It has its purpose already built in. Let God produce the fruit in your life.

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